Titanium bar end

4.200 kr


Polished to our signature mirror finish, these implant-grade titanium bars have a soft, pillow-like shape. These pieces are a simple, classy way to add some unique dimension to a curated ear.


XBAR18-3: Height: 2.7mm , Width: 1.5mm, Depth: .8mm

XBAR18-4: Height: 3.7mm, Width: 1.75mm, Depth: .8mm

XBAR18-5: Height: 4.7mm, Width: 2.0mm, Depth: .8mm

  • Selt í stykkjatali
  • Lífstíðarábyrgð
  • Engin skil eða skipti
  • 5mm pinnar (push-pin labret) frá NeoMetal fylgir með