Titanium Moon end

4.500 kr


A powerful symbol to many, these crescent moons are perfect as a classic standalone piece, or as an addition to any ear project.


XMOON18-3: Height: 2.7mm, Width: 2.24mm, Depth: 0.71mm

XMOON18-4: Height: 3.66mm, Width: 2.92mm, Depth: 0.78mm

XMOON18-5: Height: 5.1mm, Width: 3.6mm, Depth: 5.2mm

  • Selt í stykkjatali
  • Lífstíðarábyrgð
  • Engin skil eða skipti
  • 5mm pinnar (push-pin labret) frá NeoMetal fylgir með