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Threadless barbell

12.000 kr


These sleek bezel-set faceted gems are a low-profile option that add major bling to a piercing. The back of the side gem features a smooth flat surface to comfortably sit against the body and prevent the gem from spinning. Every gem is crimp-set into the jewelry setting; no glues or adhesives are used.


  • Selt í stykkjatali
  • Lífstíðarábyrgð
  • Engin skil eða skipti
  • Threadless, zirconia stones. 
  • From Neo Metal. 




XSG12-3 - Height: 8.9mm, Width: 4.6mm, Depth: 3.4mm

XSG12-4 - Height: 9.8mm, Width: 5.5mm, Depth: 3.7mm

XSG12-5 - Height: 11mm, Width: 6.9mm, Depth: 4.6mm

XSG14-3 - Height: 8.7mm, Width: 4.5mm, Depth: 3.2mm

XSG14-4 - Height: 9.7mm, Width: 5.4mm, Depth: 3.3m