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Appointment information

Step 1

Upon arrival, please check in with our receptionist and complete the necessary form.

Step 2

Our stylist will assist you in choosing the ideal jewelry for you.

Step 3

Our process involves preparing your jewellery, tools, and needles before sterilizing them using our Statim Autoclave.

Step 4

Your piercer will discuss the proper aftercare procedures with you.

Step 5

Collaborate with your piercer to determine the placement of your piercings.

Step 6

This step involves getting your piercings done and completing your appointment.

Remember that the time frame on noon is approximate, the time you will spend at the store will depend on how long you spend with the stylist choosing jewelry and how the piercing procedure goes. Some people need more time than others.

The time you book is the time that you arrive to our location and start the styling session. The piercing procedure is the last step of your appointment. Note that the sterilisation process can take up to 8 minutes.

Size down

What is a size down?

It's common for ears to swell after getting pierced. Using a longer post initially can prevent the piercing from getting embedded. Once the swelling subsides and the ear goes back to its normal size, you can switch to a shorter post, known as a downsize.

More about sizing down...

Downsizing a piercing is an essential yet sometimes overlooked stage in achieving a fully healed and comfortable piercing. This process involves replacing a longer post with a shorter one before the piercing is completely healed to reduce the risk of snags and trauma.

Cancellation policy

We mandate a 24hours cancellation notice. All no shows or last minute cancellation will be receiving a fee of 2000kr to 5000kr depending on the service.

Group booking

We only accept one appointment per person through How ever, if you are a group and want to get pierced at the same time you can send us a group request email for us to book you. Please note the last minute cancellation fee or no show for groups are 10.000kr.

Group booking